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Filmmaker, Director & Writer

About Me

Jack is currently a fourth-year Bachelor of Film and Television student specializing in Writing and Directing at Sheridan college.

Filmmaking has always been his dream career from a young age; he constantly watches films and loves the creative process.

Jack has written and directed many short films to develop his craft with inspiration drawn from Edgar Wright, Brad Bird, David Fincher, the Coen Brothers, and many others (a select few on his YouTube channel).

From here, he plans to become a successful writer/director of blockbuster entertainment, but always willing to help out in any creative endeavor.

  • A creative and fast working writer who can create brand new scripts from any concept or fine-tune drafts of another script.
  • Owns and is extremely familiar with all facets of Final Draft 11.
  • Can create quick and quality Script Breakdowns for production companies.
  • Highly experience in Directing through multiple courses and leading several productions, able to take any project/concept from the script stage and direct an effective and exciting product.
  • Not specialized in the the specifics of sound, camera, grip, etc., but has been on tons film sets and knows all the fundamentals.
  • Always enthusiastic to help out, going above and beyond for the quality of any film.
  • Encyclopedic knowledge of film history to draw inspiration from and reference in work.

My Work

Jack Ramsay – Reel

A selection of highlights from my personal and student films. I directed and wrote everything shown here. Demonstrating my visual flair, storytelling and stylistic voice.

Burned (Sheridan Short Film)

A young man, Jeffrey, is yearning for love. He spots an attractive coffee barista and tries to spark romance, BUT, an overzealous co-worker interrupts. One of them will not go unpunished, things turn murderous in a tale of cold coffee and revenge… 

Written & Directed by Jack Ramsay

Orange (Sheridan Short Film)

A deeply moving story about a man confessing something to his roommate that’s been secretly building for some time.  It’s a delicate issue with a powerful message of acceptance.

Written & Directed by Jack Ramsay

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